Marketing Management Case Study Apple Inc

Ulker Begum Ishchy


London School of Commerce & Anglia Ruskin University


Kenneth Genovese


Marketing is the vital competence for the business associations to distinguish, create and fulfil client’s needs when establishing customer loyalty. In that purpose, this report will critically elaborate the marketing management standards through the contextual analysis of a global front runner in computerized communication industry; Apple Inc. The paper takes a gander at the sources of the items and issues as well as advantages that Apple had encountered in the past to create a strategic marketing plan whilst developing a competitive edge within the target clientele. Through the evaluation of internal and external marketing environment along with the industrial competitiveness through the strategic tools such as SWOT, Porter`s Five Forces and Pestle analysis, the firm`s marketing environment has been circumspectly conceptualized in order to illustrate the organisational ability in marketing mix. Upon the findings, it has been deduced that Apple Inc sets a unique example in marketing practices to embrace in numerous aspects in corporate branding or differentiation strategy, yet the market competition pressures more and more over the corporate success across the market segments.


  1. Introduction
  2. Marketing Management and Establishing Customer Loyalty; theoretical background and models
    • Customer Loyalty Segmentation
  3. Case Study Background
    • Apple Inc Organisational Outlook
    • Market Overview
  4. Current Marketing Strategy at Apple Inc in terms of Customer Loyalty
    • Customer Segmentation
    • Target Markets
    • Positioning
    • Unique Selling Position
  5. External Marketing Audit of the smartphone industry
    • Industrial Attractiveness Analysis
      • Michael Porter`s Five Forces
    • Special Focus on Competitor Targets
    • Apple Inc Competitive Advantages
  6. Apple Pestle Analysis
  7. Apple Swot Analysis
  8. Marketing Mix at Apple Inc
    • Evaluation of 4P Components of Marketing Mix Strategies
    • Apple Differentiation Strategy
  9. Enhancing Customer Loyalty through Branding
    • Brand Positioning
    • Brand Identity and Personality
    • Renaissance of the Corporate Image
  10. Conclusion and recommendations
  11. References




  1. Introduction

Marketing management has always been a critical aspect in every executive board since it predisposes the organisational success within the consumer markets. Assael and Patton (1995) conceptualizes the marketing through the organisational practices in communication, offerings, provision and creation to appease the consummating activities valued by clients and larger society.

In fact, marketing not only corresponds to the promotion of business products or services but also inaugurates the distribution channels to the end customers whilst encouraging the target clientele for potential purchases.

Moreover, Farris (2006) emphasises on the ultimate goal to form significant awareness of the proposed products or services; the effectiveness increases in a function of enhancing requirements for the products or services within the markets. Indeed, this is a crucial fact that Apple Inc has been delineated by such marketing initiatives; innovation at the heart, the firm has become a global front runner in clientele electronics in mobile computing industry. It is an undeniable fact that Apple Inc has severe rivals across the globe, yet the firm brand name is the first name in the consumer mind when deliberating a new purchase in line with the industry.  This is in particular dedicated to the strategic utilisation of branding and inclining corporate awareness amongst the target segments where an astonishing organisational perception is clearly set above the competition. Apple Inc. is arranged in the market as the pioneers of front line items. Exhibiting for such market ought to encompass remembering the ultimate objective to make and rename new markets despite competition in authoritatively current markets. The firm has gradually figured out how to maintain displaying techniques notwithstanding market challenges in their undertaking to penetrate into the business segments. In that purpose, this report inaugurates an in-depth examination corresponding to the marketing procedures implemented at Apple Inc.

Thus, this paper conducts essential elaborations regarding Apple’s organisational practices in terms of the marketing mix when building the customer loyalty and analyses the frameworks utilized by the firm in association with 7 components of marketing mix, industrial attractiveness, strategic branding as well as external environment analysis.

  1. Marketing Management and Establishing Customer Loyalty; theoretical background and models


Griffin (1995) denotes that customer loyalty can be resolved through buyer inclinations and their full of feeling aura toward the purchase, which are joined with rehash buying. It can be presumed that redundant client conduct isn’t sufficient for us to be effective. Camilleri (2018) indicates that numerous scholastics require have more learning and better comprehension to the way creating client reliability. At the point when scholar have learnt enough, they can know how to segment the clients as indicated by various levels of client. Along these lines, different level clients have diverse procedures in view of their experience. Also, the connection amongst rivalry and devotion ends up noticeably more grounded when level of rivalry increment. Administrations part is one of the cases since this area has a great deal of decisions and quickly rising imaginative items and administrations according to Deshpande (2017).  Equally, the scholastic information of the determinants of client devotion is essential for an association to make due in advertise. It is noteworthy to state that build up a proficient client loyalty is essential for organisational success.

Figure 1 Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty

Source: ACSI, 2009

A fruitful key can enable the firms to hold the client keeping in mind the end goal to get by in profoundly focused market. In this way, any firm must form a solid client association with their client. Gronholdt and Martensen, (2000) underline that numerous scientists and scholastics concur that client unwaveringness is a vital part in the business since it is viewed as the “foundation of the business”. In other words, clientele loyalty is a prime angle in any association when gaining industrial competitiveness. Innumerable firms today are searching for different approaches to expand their client loyalty as a matter of fact that it positively affects the productivity of the organisations.

Figure 2 Loyalty Loops

Source: Jak,2018


Moreover, Clemes and Dean (2017) point that consumer loyalty is viewed as one of the real perspectives influencing client faithfulness. This is for the most part because of the way that a satisfied client will probably be faithful to the association and hence spread positive experience. Nevertheless, as indicated by Kiran and Diljit (2017) a fulfilled client may be a dedicated one. In this manner numerous firms have made a further move to guarantee that their clients that they are both fulfilled and faithful through the improvement of client dedication campaigns.  

  • Customer Loyalty Segmentation

Basu (1994) defines that market division is segmenting the market into social occasions to the help the business focusses on their marketing goals and hence it ought to be conceivable according to a couple of elements: geographic, measurement, psychographic, and behavioural. Reichheld and Smith (1996) also refer to the reliability which is one of the behavioural elements that the firms can part the market as necessities be. Behavioural division is secluding the market into a couple of social occasions in perspective of the data, perspective, use or response of the purchaser towards a particular thing. On the other hand, the absolutely devoted customers are the people who buy a comparable brand always, the genuinely enduring customers are loyal to a couple of brands of a particular thing, while interchange buyers are the people who exhibit no unwavering quality to any brand, they buy whatever is discounted. Subsequent to breaking down the totally faithful client, the firms should move their concentration. This will empower the association to better comprehend the economic situations and their rivals.  Concerning Apple Inc, through an intricate investigation of client needs and acquiring conduct, the firm could pick up higher competitiveness in the business versus its prime opponent; Samsung. Apple Inc contribute significant adds up to guarantee the consumer loyalty by offering energetic items which are eventually inventive, powerful and appropriate for proficient way of life. In this manner, in the accompanying parts, the segments of client devotion are investigated with Apple Inc promoting procedure and marking exercises.

  1. Case Study Background

3.1 Apple Inc Organisational Outlook

Founded in 1977, Apple Inc. is to date a global organisation successfully operating in the electronic devices. Embracing an easy-to-use computer model with Macintosh, the firm mission centres around providing an innovative customer experience.  The firm achieved a great success in the market across the world by 8% of market share just after 13 years of establishment according to Johnson and Li (2012). The key features of the ergonomic layouts attracted a wide range of clientele, in particular the education industry one of its main target segments (ibid).  Introducing enhanced products more convenient for portable operations, the firm expanded the brand reputation and ensured customer loyalty along the years. As per today, the firm is the leading organisation across the countries in mobile communication industry with the products for all different clients’ segments. With the products such as IMac, Iphone, Mac OS, and specifically designed items for professionals etc, the firm implies an emphatic force over the market competition. Furthermore, the firm gradually benefits today from all markets in Asia, Europe, Americas and in particular the United Kingdom.

Figure 3 Apple Products and Segments

Source; Dudovskiy, 2017

3.2 Market Overview

In the present exceptionally centred market scene, Apple’s hot offering of iPod, iPhone, 3G phone, and automated music players, particularly or through its own-store retailing, correspond to the customer prerequisites. Brand commitment, programming design, partition and store retailing have been some of its methods that helped the association increment more vital high grounds.  Hwang and Mattila (2017) emphasize that a reasonable promoting method takes either an antagonistic or a protected action; remembering the true objective to make a defendable position against major rivals. Apple’s marketing frame, especially its retail-publicizing and novel hardware design were basically fit for working up strong boundary amongst the key rivals such as Samsung, Dell, or Microsoft et cetera. Basically, a strong promoting vision, with help of certain suitable frameworks has helped Apple Inc keep up an incredibly strong advantage and consistently extending figures.


  1. Current Marketing Strategy at Apple Inc in terms of Customer Loyalty


Apple has an alternate advancing unit to promote the products and services. The publicizing unit does all orchestrating in ideal way. The advancing methodology implied by the firm is appealed as ‘Splendid Circle’, where the organisation accentuates on ‘Why the clients do what they do? Their message begins with watching out for the social occasion of individuals with ‘why question ‘, took after by ‘how they do it’.

In that purpose, the marketing strategy orchestrating process is initiated with masterminding where complete promote examination is finished. It prompts the period of making market procedures where the displaying targets, desire, frameworks and publicizing mix are created, inciting the exercises such as customer segmentation or unique selling position.


  • Customer Segmentation

Vaidya (2017) mentions that client division is significantly identifying a market into particular gatherings of purchasers in unmistakable necessities, attributes or require distinctive items or marketing mix.

The target market is compartmentalized in accordance with different factors such as socioeconomics; age, jobs, sex, religion, training etc. The client division is also completed topographically, behaviourally or psycho-graphically. Apple utilizes different effective client division systems. It isolates its worldwide market vertically into four geographic location; UAE, Asia, Africa and America.

Working through local locations, the firm produces location specific items which are more competitive in terms of functions and features compared to local brands. For instance, clients will pay a premium price for an iPod with astonishing music quality and an iPhone where there are easy to understand applications which appease the clientele wants and needs.

Corporates, Students, Creative Professionals or High-end clients are the prime segmentation categories represented below.  

Figure 4 Apple Market Segments

  • Target Market

A key decision is by and large made on the social event of customers that the items are planned to pitch to and customers will be the key interest of the businesses. When in doubt, target markets assurance ascends because of the advancing market coordination and the exhibiting objectives set by the firm. The target market of Apple joins relatively every one of the fragments of the overall population at all age and including both females and males. The firm intends to effectuate the ultimate objective to increment further compensation. The firm`s market knowledge and extensive knowledge of its target segments consider the taste and enthusiasm within the innovative markets. For example, Apple knows the firm`s iPhone purchaser persona before building the item. They hit an enormous customer advertise with an item that has persistently revaluated within the segments. Today it is hard to discover any individual who does not claim an iPhone or iPad. Be that as it may, Apple’s commercials have been moving far from the fundamental purchaser. Mac is presently focusing on their notices towards business experts who need to utilize the gadgets to make their employments more proficient. It is a virtuoso move intended to catch a bigger gathering of people and all supported by the energy of purchaser personas.

Figure 5 Apple Introduces iPhone X

This Apple ad is proposed for a persona who might utilize the telephone for everyday exercises and individual utilize. On the other side, Apple makes interesting ads exhibiting the iPad to a persona who might utilize it to help with business proficiency.

4.3 Positioning

Apple Inc positions itself as a technological company with new products and innovations being dished out regularly in high profile events. It targets all costumers be it corporate customers or personal. Products pass on all the correspondence application. For instance, the firm is clearly specific from various phones up above with a segment of the unique highlights handsets compared to Samsung Galaxy, or Sony XPeria. Apple is considered as the pride component which impacts you to have a yearning for having a place with a specific social class. Introducing smartphones valued more than USD 500, the firm focuses on high income earners between 20 – 45 age groups, in particular bachelor students and professionals across the all national and international markets. iPhone, Mac, iPod, and iPad, are the leading products within the target segments which create a sense of belonging when positioned.


  • Unique Selling Proposition


It is without doubt that there is no organisation introducing a prevalent sprit of innovation compared to Apple. Indeed, it ensures that trying to imitate its products is a real challenge to its competitors. For instance, disregarding the way that Sony is also prepared to convey forefront products, the arrangement and joining of Apple are up ’til now hard to reproduce. The market recognizes that the majority of the firms are seeking to compensate the vertical organisational structure, nevertheless it’s utterly challenging to run similar production processes applied at Apple; chip makers, measures, mechanics for controls etc are of prime concerns.

  1. External Marketing Audit of the smartphone industry


  • Industrial Attractiveness Analysis

Jaradat (2013) indicates that an industry attractiveness is affected by different variables including the market development rate, level of settled costs, recurrence of over limit, degree of item contrasts, quality of brand personalities, cost of leaving the business, similarity of aggressive opponents and some different perspectives. Hereby Porter`s five forces is applied to assess the marketing environment where Apple Inc operates.

Figure 6 Porter`s five forces

  • Porter`s 5 Forces on Apple Inc

Rivalry is medium; numerous global brands such as Sony or IBM imply significant over market since these firms provide broad product characteristics. Notwithstanding the Apple Inc high market premium, it is outstanding that the nature of the items is high and the elements of the items have solid power. In this way numerous clients might want to pick Apple’s items for the great capacities. Furthermore, in the part of items, Apple has solid focused power.

Danger of new entrants is low. The new participants are normally the new brands. These new contestants don’t have any brand impact. Since the items that they give are not utilized some time recently, in this manner, they cannot give the verifications to the clients and make them to trust that the nature of the items is high and the items are dependable and viable. The results of the new competitors more often than not utilize the product and equipment that was created by different organizations and connected in many brands’ items. There is no innovation that the new participants can give.

Risk of substitutes is medium. The operational expenditures are higher than competitions and yet the substitution is a severe challenge for the clients since the innovative capacity of Apple products simply inaugurates a robust competitive edge. To illustrate, even though Sony has equivalent products appeasing the same needs such as music players, the customer experiences refer to simplicity of Apple products and nature of changing life styles. For instance, digital cameras or gps integrated to automotive industry facilitate the utilisation of the products with prompt needs and hence Apple`s simplicity takeover many other products.

Bargaining power of suppliers is high. The firm cooperates with particular providers for the delivery of specific equipment and high-quality products and hence the bargaining power of suppliers’ increase at an irregular pace. The firm is in practice vigilantly dependent to the strategic providers. Apple (2017) reports that the firm operates with 200 providers where 97% of suppliers underpin the firm in terms of consumptions materials, and manufacturing; 3M in China, Alps Electric Co., Ltd in Japan and Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd in Brazil etc.

Bargaining power of buyers is low. Most importantly, the brand of Apple is mainstream with the general population everywhere throughout the world, the well-known notoriety has effectively set up in the entire world. Consequently Apple Inc. sets an effective balance between cost and product acceptable in the market. Also, an ever-increasing number of individuals progress toward becoming to focus on Apple’s items is raising.


5.2.      Special Focus on Competitor Targets

Next to the choices that are made by organizations on procedures that identifies with business sectors, there likewise appraisals on contender targets. These are the associations that the organization will rival in the market. The qualities of the contenders will shape some portion of the parts of the centre techniques of an organization as there ought to be satisfactory anticipating how the organization means to go up against the contenders.

Figure 7 Apple Case; Competitiveness

5.3 Apple’s Competitive Advantage

The mobile communication industry and PC sector involves very few multinational market agent and as a result the firms such as Apple gains noteworthy advantages within the global markets.  In particular, the firm`s innovative development and product features adopted in line with the changing life styles and customer preferences, render the organisation a key player and too strong to compete with. Equally, benefiting internationally from alleviated regulations and financial constraints, Apple proves the corporate survival during the economic slowdown through the core differentiation strategy illustrated in terms of marketing mix below.


  1. Apple Pestle Analysis

Pestle analysis is a critical marketing principle to identify the external marketing environment and accordingly when inaugurating related product or service strategies.

Political Factors

The firm is a globally leading company accumulating momentous amount of financials. In fact, international politics in terms of corporate tax sets a prime concern for Apple Inc since the rates may fluctuate across the continents or countries. On the other hand, the firm has a massive production in China. The volatile social and political implementations such as minimum wage policy would directly impact the cost of production according to Lombardo (2017).

Therefore, diversifying the market activates implies political advantages at some locations whereas it turns to be a fundamental risk in some others. 

Economic Factors

Inclining cost of production in China would imply a crucial impact over the Apple corporate financials.  Equally, the USD fluctuations would bring a substantial mark in trade rates which would translate into more expensive structure for the firm`s operations in Europe for instance. Moreover, stabilising earnings within the social classes, would counteract with the high premium products according to Nawas (2015).

Social Factors

Purchasing demographics are expected to develop through the countries such as in Africa, where Apple products are rare. On the other hand, the firm`s clientele is consisted of a large stage of young people which would also bring several challenges to afford the high premium products. Indeed, sociocultural sets immense potential for Apple since the growing population and expanding mobile product utilisation underpins the Apple business growth. In that purpose, the group indeed develops related strategy, to illustrate, through the iPhone, the firm enhance the products in accordance with developing world population and changing lifestyles. Increasing networking apps in social areas builds market opportunities for Apple items.

Legal Factors in the industry

Apple Inc recently introduced to the markets Apple Pay which would require further monitoring by legal authorities. In that purpose, implementing a budgetary control administration the firm could prevent associated risks. On the other hand, the firm is willing to undertake new venture in car manufacturing. Indeed, such entrepreneurial venture would initiate additional licencing in line with current regulations.

Environmental Factors; external

The major environmental challenge ahead for Apple is transformation of electronic items. In particular, lithium batteries involve high environmental risks. Thus, landfilling could set a great barrier ahead. Similarly, pollution at assembling centres such China, would also bring limitations over the use of risky production materials.


  1. Apple Swot Analysis


Apple operates through the general capital market with a strong budgetary position. The cash reported as of December 2017 was the greatest amount that recorded amongst the all rival organisations (Apple Annual Reports, 2017). Indeed, this implies an unbeatable position within the markets. The $243bn goodwill at firm is moreover a crucial quality.



Mac experienced a tremendous market shock when Steve Jobs, the prime identity behind Apple’s passed away in 2011. This change in organization wound up being a critical weakness as the following CEO Tim Cook leans on operational brilliance, while Apple is well respected for its innovation. As a result, the customer experience diminished and led inadequacy during the launch of iPhone5. Moreover, Apple continue to encounter severe challenges to combine product abilities such as cloud; however, the firm maintain trade records.



Apple has a strong customer base; strategically Apple could keep the customers` interests alive through innovative products and require to pay a higher premium. Apple Annual Reports (2017) indicates that the majority of the clientele communicated that they will simply consider Apple when acquiring new portable electronic items. Accordingly, wireless has supplanted various contraptions which people used to pass on; watch, take smaller than normal PC, camera and Walkman are just two or three cases. This reality influences market entryways for firms to consider more inventive items.



The rapid progress within the world markets suggests a severe risk for the organisation as all the rivals are seeking options to progress. Coppens and Hotelman,(2017) recommends that the utilisation of portable items phones has extended like no other imaginative device. The unpredictable money related conditions similarly stance to be a critical risk. Maria and Zacharias (2017) point that tn the midst of the cash related crisis, the joblessness levels impact the final revenue since cutting down superfluous jobs of purchasers, electronic items are among the central things to be ousted from the expenditures. Besides, various phone associations are advancing toward making countries to do their amassing methodology in desire of contracting low-wage workers.

  1. Marketing Mix at Apple Inc


Neil H. Bordon begat the phenomenon of marketing mix according the journal of the Advertising Research (1984). Establishing the core concept of promoting products or business services, marketing mix to date refers to the amalgam of organisational practices to create the coveted requests in the market. Beyond its eesential 4 P’s of marketing, the concept expands to 10 P’s within the current market circumstances. This section demonstrates marketing mix of Apple Inc. based on seven most pivotal P’s in line with the paper`s objectives.

Figure 8: Marketing 7Ps

8.1 Evaluation of 4P Components of Marketing Mix Strategies


Product is described through the market gap to correspond the desired service or items. Determining the key components of product is a key driver for the organisational success. Along with the changing lifestyle and ever evolving technology, Apple produces distinctive high-tech items from PC to WIFI solutions or electronic accessories which comply to facilitate the customer experience. The firm gradually extends its product operations to increase the financial at business lines. Macintosh, iPod, Apple TV or iPhone, Apple Watch, Programming etc are the main product lines. Indeed, this expansion in products as a major aspect reflects the organisational development and technological effectiveness. The firm cooperate with leading organisations to produce new items such as electric vehicle; Tesla Motors.


The firm`s vital message -simplicity- gradually impact the promotion activities. Apple suggests that delivering a large information pool is not desirable for the customers. Thus, the promotion is effectuated through direct messages with white or black background in its commercials yet the promotion practices are accompanied with energetic music. The promotive messages enliven the emotions, dreams over even personal desires involving superiority within the larger society. For instance, for the new product launches, several Apple Stores introduces previous product models at lower rate than the original prices. In addition. Equally, the firm enhance its transactional image through promotion events. For example, Apple Events take places at several locations for the new product launches as well as selective meetings which accentuate on global reputation.



Differentiation at the heart, Apple delineates a premium above the market. Corporate profits were the key financial highlights during the Steve Jobs management which resulted in mesmerising financial performance implying appropriate market prices. Nevertheless, as of today market reports demonstrate that the firm may encounter the price wars for the years to come.  For instances iPad users switch to the other brands as a matter of lower prices. 

Figure 9 Apple Price Versus Samsung

Place and Distribution Strategy

Hybrid distribution strategy takes a primordial role at Apple Inc since the firm operates through its very own brand retailers, online stores or even portable market stores. Indeed, the secure supply chain behind the organisation, provides key competitiveness when outsourcing. In reality, being a global front runner bring together its advantages. For instances, in case of high demand, if the brand stores do not have sufficient resources, another supplier could immediately intervene and support the business. 

8.2 Comments on Apple Differentiation Strategy


An organization is indicated to achieve distinctive system when it can draw a determination of at least one market criteria utilized by purchasers within the industry. This procedure is normally connected with premium cost as increased the value of clients. Separation for the most part gives the clients the support to favour a specific decent and pick it over its elective items. While the other PC contenders of Apple were attempting to separate their items, Apple could separate from initiation. Apple could do this by consolidating the plan and making of equipment with that of programming. By so doing, they incorporate critical details in the product that runs better on their equipment.


  1. Enhancing Customer Loyalty through Corporate Branding

A brand can be appropriately characterised as a name which has the ability to impact purchasers. Besides, something beyond a name, a brand could likewise be an image or any trademark which hints a particular organization and affects review and mindfulness among the general market.


9.1 Brand Positioning

Another factor which could have had added to the overall accomplishment of Apple as a brand is its image in the market. In this worldwide period of the supposed “executioner rivalry, organizations could either separate or pass on. As of now, Apple is situated in the market similar to a top-notch mark which addresses and fulfils the issues of people in general. Being a top notch mark, that obviously likewise requires an excellent cost for its items. In any case, the superior which was stressed in its items does not appear to influence its fairly estimated worth since its objective clients are quick valuing the organization’s items in spite of its high costs. This situating of the brand is focusing available which is less value touchy and can suitably bear to purchase their items.


9.2 Brand Identity and Personality

Another factor which is adding to the marking achievement of Apple in the worldwide market is mark identity. Brand identity alludes to the human-like characteristics or qualities available in a specific brand. Brand identity is an imperative marking idea since it creates an approach to creating attributes of the brand in which individuals can relate and in which individuals can feel the nearness of such identity in the brand itself. The marking technique of Apple endeavours to concentrate and put an accentuation on the feelings such as superiority, uniqueness and belonging. The advertising point of view of the organization is working under the conviction that chipping away at these feelings will empower them to tap a more prominent offer of the general population and will bring them marking accomplishment as more individuals can identify with the brand or to the items produced by the organization. The brand identity which was created by Apple is about a dynamic way of life, recovering freedom, creative energy, enthusiasm, advancement, dreams, trust, and engaging the general population through innovation.

9.3 Brand Revitalization

Practically identical to the development of man, the organization is likewise connected with into restoring its items and showing new choices as the market changes. Brand rejuvenation keeps on being the answer for maturing items and declining markets at display. As the brand loses its quality since it loses importance and appeal, organizations must apply new endeavours which are coordinated towards enhancing their yields with a specific end goal to keep up or propel their position in the market. On account of Apple, mark renewal involves adjustment or changing their items in line with the strategic goals. For example, the firm has plans to additionally develop its product offering by entering new zones like sun-based vitality. While PCs sales have demolished recently, iPhone has been exceptionally prevalent via the product`s  new programming which increases the abilities of its actual items and services. Apple is a relentless brand yet then he controls is in the hands of the clients and Apple would should be significantly more brilliant with its procedure to come back to its main position.

  1. Conclusion

This critical evaluation of marketing management of Apple Inc presumes that the firm draws powerful and achievable marketing practices ensuring significant level of consumer loyalty and prominent financial outcomes for the organization. Overall, the firm ought to bear the increasing competition within the industry when setting high premium strategy. Vital to the business success, the firm would find utterly beneficial to prevent any product failure to maintain the brand image as well as unique customer experience. iPod Nano was a catastrophe impacting the organisation as a whole and hence any other similar issues would imply a ghastly notorious impact over the firms marketing. Nevertheless, the firm introduces a distinguishing place at the heart of world markets and would acquire growing market shares if only satisfactory contemplations are made.


  1. References


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